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School Songs

The Boise State song, “Les Bois,” was originally written by James L. Strachan and Grace Watson circa 1940, with additional verses added later by Helen Moore. Les Bois Bonneville looked at the sun on the forest, Watched the dark valley … (Read More) School Songs

Fight Song

The original Boise State fight song, “Orange and Blue, ” was written by student Eldred Renk in 1940 when the school was Boise Junior College: Orange and Blue (original) Hold that line for Boise Junior College, Broncos, we’re counting hard … (Read More) Fight Song

Alpha Mu Omega

Alpha Mu Omega was an all-school drama club, established in 1945 “to foster dramatics, speech, and expression on the campus” by organizing and supporting theatrical plays. There is no mention of Alpha Mu Omega in the Les Bois yearbooks after … (Read More) Alpha Mu Omega

Delta Psi Omega

Delta Psi Omega was a national honorary dramatic society at Boise State from 1946 until 1965. Students became eligible for membership by earning points through participation in theatrical productions or related campus activities.  (See also Alpha Mu Omega) Activities were: … (Read More) Delta Psi Omega

Sigma Mu

Sigma Mu was active at Boise Junior College from 1959 to 1960. The co-ed fraternity was made up of journalism students and members of the Les Bois yearbook staff. Their mission was to promote a better understanding of journalism, to improve … (Read More) Sigma Mu

Student Association for Responsible Government

1995-1996 The purpose of the Student Association for Responsible Government was to help students become aware of and participate in student government.   (Read More) Student Association for Responsible Government

Non-Traditional Women Students

1986-1987 Non-Traditional Women Students served as a support group to remove educational barriers and to create additional educational opportunities for non-traditional women students. (Read More) Non-Traditional Women Students

The Society of Physics Students of BSU

1985-1992 The Society of Physics Students of Boise State’s main goal was to advance and diffuse knowledge of the science of Physics and encourage student interest in Physics. (Read More) The Society of Physics Students of BSU

United Methodist Student Movement

1986-1996 United Methodist Student Movement’s main goal was to stimulate a Christian witness, provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, encourage an analysis of values and ethical beliefs, and to work with other Christian campus ministries. (Read More) United Methodist Student Movement

Games Association

1986-1988 Games Association promoted friendly and competitive game activity on the Boise State campus. (Read More) Games Association