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Vietnam MBA Program

In 1994, Boise State University formed a partnership with the National Economics University in Vietnam hoping for the school to begin its own market-oriented MBA program. To accomplish this, Boise State exported some of its College of Business faculty members … (Read More) Vietnam MBA Program

Enrollment History

Enrollment figures reflective of fall of each academic year. Year 193- 194- 195- 196- 197- 198- 199- 200- 201- 0 585 676 2,777 6,025 10,426 13,870 16,482 19,993 1 470 526 3,072 6,166 10,368 14,563 17,161 19,664 2 70 297 … (Read More) Enrollment History

World War II (1939-1945)

Between years of 1939-1945, Boise Junior College experienced many changes including the physical campus expansion, curriculum changes, and faculty and students who left school to help their country both overseas and locally. Originally at St. Margaret’s Hall located at 1st … (Read More) World War II (1939-1945)

College of Social Science and Public Affairs (1984-2015)

In 1984, the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs (SSPA) was established when the State Board of Education designated the social sciences and public affairs as an emphasis at Boise State. SSPA officially started in Fall 1986, and the … (Read More) College of Social Science and Public Affairs (1984-2015)

College of Arts and Sciences

Boise State University’s largest academic division, the College of Arts and Science (COAS), encompasses a broad range of “liberal arts education and research.” Foundation Some of the educational programs within COAS formed the very first curricula at Boise Junior College. Of … (Read More) College of Arts and Sciences

College of Education

The Boise State University College of Education “meaningfully engages with communities through innovative teacher preparation and education research.” History When BJC began in 1932, education was one of nine courses for the academic year, but only as a preparatory certificate … (Read More) College of Education

College of Business

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) addresses “important business and societal issues by being effective, innovative and risk-tolerant.” COBE is based in the Micron Business and Economics Building. Early Years Business education started in 1939 when BJC became a … (Read More) College of Business

Vocational Education

Boise State University offered vocational education for 70 years, from 1939 to 2009. These 2-year associate degrees and certificates trained students for occupations specific to businesses in the Boise Valley. The university stopped accepting new two-year degree seeking students in … (Read More) Vocational Education