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Athletics and Sports

Fight Song

The original Boise State fight song, “Orange and Blue, ” was written by student Eldred Renk in 1940 when the school was Boise Junior College: Orange and Blue (original) Hold that line for Boise Junior College, Broncos, we’re counting hard … (Read More) Fight Song

Bronco Club

1945-1947 The Bronco Club was an organization composed of the men who participated in major sports and earned varsity letters. The purpose was to promote an interest in sports. Activities: Sponsored sport dances Raised money to buy Letterman sweaters   (Read More) Bronco Club

Fight Song Competition

When Boise State College became Boise State University in 1974, the university held a nationwide competition for a new fight song with a $200 prize offered by the Bronco Athletic Association. Ten entries from Idaho, Tennessee, Ohio, California, and Massachusetts were screened … (Read More) Fight Song Competition

Lyle Smith

Lyle H. Smith, the son of Burrel F. Smith and Addie (Humphrey) Smith, was born March 17, 1916, in the rural town of Steptoe, Washington. He attended Moscow High School in Moscow, Idaho, where he was actively involved in sports, … (Read More) Lyle Smith

A Dancing Force of Boise State

1983-1987 A Dancing Force of Boise State promoted the art of dance, united talented performers and strengthened their abilities, encouraged dancing outside of the classroom and provide Boise State and the community with a versatile dance troupe. Written by Annika … (Read More) A Dancing Force of Boise State

Bridge Club

1988-1989 Bridge Club provided an opportunity for Boise State students, faculty, staff, and alumni to play bridge. They introduced students to the game of bridge and encouraged participation in events sponsored by the North American Contract Bridge League. Written by … (Read More) Bridge Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

1990-1994 Fellowship of Christian Athletes presented to athletes and coaches, all and whom they influenced, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ, to serve Jesus Christ in their relationships, and in the fellowship of the church. Written by Annika … (Read More) Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Pavilion/ExtraMile Arena

The Pavilion, now ExtraMile Arena, opened in 1982. It is the venue for Broncos basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics teams, as well as concerts, commencements, and community events. The concept for the Pavilion, a multi-functional athletic complex, began in the early 1970s … (Read More) Pavilion/ExtraMile Arena


During the first year of classes (1932-1933), Boise Junior College students picked the Bronco mascot because it represented the wild horses that roamed the Owyhees. In 1935 and 1936 the student body constructed paper and wooden broncos, nicknamed Elmer. The … (Read More) Mascots