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General History

MLK Jr. Day/Idaho Human Rights Day

In 1990, Idaho became the 47th state to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Until state legislation passed, Boise State also did not recognize the holiday. The year before, Black Student Union President Eric Love organized a march to the … (Read More) MLK Jr. Day/Idaho Human Rights Day

School Songs

The Boise State song, “Les Bois,” was originally written by James L. Strachan and Grace Watson circa 1940, with additional verses added later by Helen Moore. Les Bois Bonneville looked at the sun on the forest, Watched the dark valley … (Read More) School Songs

St. Margaret’s School for Girls

St. Margaret’s School for Girls opened in 1892 in downtown Boise at 1st and Idaho Streets. The school housed local girls from secondary school to high school, but also served as a day school for nursery and kindergarten aged boys … (Read More) St. Margaret’s School for Girls


Presidents 2019- Marlene Tromp 2003-2018 Robert Kustra 1993-2003 Charles Ruch 1979-1991 John Keiser 1967-1978 John Barnes 1936-1967 Eugene Chaffee 1932-1934 Middleton Barnwell Acting/Interim Presidents 2018-2019 Martin Schimpf (Interim) 1991-1993 Larry Selland (Interim) 1978-1979 Richard Bullington (Interim) 1967 W.L. Gottenberg (Acting) … (Read More) Presidents

Enrollment History

Enrollment figures reflective of fall of each academic year. Year 193- 194- 195- 196- 197- 198- 199- 200- 201- 0 585 676 2,777 6,025 10,426 13,870 16,482 19,993 1 470 526 3,072 6,166 10,368 14,563 17,161 19,664 2 70 297 … (Read More) Enrollment History

University Seal

Designed in 1968, the university seal features Boise’s natural environment, includes the university name, and has Latin phrase “Splendor Sine Occasu” which translates to “Splendor Without End.” As the official imprimatur of the university, the university seal is reserved for … (Read More) University Seal


During the first year of classes (1932-1933), Boise Junior College students picked the Bronco mascot because it represented the wild horses that roamed the Owyhees. In 1935 and 1936 the student body constructed paper and wooden broncos, nicknamed Elmer. The … (Read More) Mascots