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Top Ten Scholars

The Top Ten Scholars award is given annually to ten of the best students at Boise State. The students are chose by a committee on the basis of their academics, involvement on campus, community service, previous awards won, and strength … (Read More) Top Ten Scholars

Q. Dan Nabors Award

The Q. Dan Nabors Award was an award given out annually by ASBSU. The award got its namesake from a former ASBSU President. 2007 Kate Neal, Megan Egbert 2004 James Sherman 2003 Wing Yin “Winnie” Tong 2002 Leo Morales Sources: … (Read More) Q. Dan Nabors Award

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees was a Boise Junior College governing body that operated from 1937 to 1969. The Board was in charge of distributing funds and assuring that the school was following guidelines determined by the State Board of Education. … (Read More) Board of Trustees

Distinguished Lecture Series

The Honors College sponsors and presents Boise State University’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Twice a year, the Series brings eminent speakers to Boise State from the realm of politics, academics, and humanitarian activism to promote the discussion of important issues. September 26, … (Read More) Distinguished Lecture Series

President John Barnes, 1967-1977

Dr. John B. Barnes was Boise State’s third president from 1967 to 1977. Barnes received a Bachelors of Arts in 1949 and a Masters of Art in Speech and Education in 1950 from the University of Denver. In 1955 he … (Read More) President John Barnes, 1967-1977

Lyle Smith

Lyle H. Smith, the son of Burrel F. Smith and Addie (Humphrey) Smith, was born March 17, 1916, in the rural town of Steptoe, Washington. He attended Moscow High School in Moscow, Idaho, where he was actively involved in sports, … (Read More) Lyle Smith

President Charles P. Ruch (1993-2003)

Charles Ruch (pronounced “rook”) became Boise State’s fifth president after the State Board of Education dismissed President John Keiser in September 1991. Ruch received a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from the College of Wooster (1959), a Master’s in Education from Northwestern … (Read More) President Charles P. Ruch (1993-2003)

Alpha Omicron Pi

Alpha Omicron Pi is an active sorority, first established at Boise State in 1971.  Their core values are a commitment to character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty. Past activities were: Bake Sales Working Poll Elections Rose Ball Alumni Tea Boogie … (Read More) Alpha Omicron Pi

Dean of Men

Beginning in 1935, the Dean of Men was responsible for the general welfare of all male students. In support of the Vice President of Student Affairs, position duties included counseling students, serving as a professional resource, advising fraternities and men’s organizations, … (Read More) Dean of Men

Distinguished Friend of the Alumni Award

The award is presented in recognition of past and present cooperation and assistance rendered to Boise State University and the Alumni Association. Also called “Outstanding Friend of the Alumni Award” and “Friend of the Alumni Award.” 1975-1976 Dwayne R. Kern … (Read More) Distinguished Friend of the Alumni Award