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Digital Collections A-Z Index

Arbiter (Student Newspaper)

The newspaper of the Boise State University Student Body. Titles vary by year. Early titles included "The Roundup" or "BJC Roundup," later the newspaper was renamed "The Arbiter."


Electronic files from the Associated Student Body of Boise State University, including constitutions and governing codes.

Banner Mining and Milling Company

Letters and other documents received by Henry K. Doll, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, from officers of the Banner Mining and Milling Company relating to his investment in and operations of the Banner Mine in Silver City, Idaho. View the Finding Aid. For a quick summary, view Todd Cagwin's biographical note. The majority of the letters are written from Peter Steele, president of Banner. In his letters Steele details the challenges of operating a mine and mill in Silver City. From 1912 to 1923, the mine experiences a list of problems and catastrophes that stop work, and the miners rarely find a significant deposit of silver ore. Steele spends most of his time seeking investors to buy stock and bonds to finance mining operations. This timeline demonstrates the ups and downs the mining company experienced from 1912 to 1923.

Bishop Funsten Scrapbook

Scrapbook created by Bishop Funsten which chronicles his career as a minister beginning in 1895 and continuing until his death in 1925. Highlighted in the scrapbook are the establishment of St. Margaret's School, St. Luke's Hospital, as well as Christ's Church in Boise, Idaho. Also included are photographs of Episocopalian chapels throughout Idaho as well as information about the Indian Mission in Fort Hall, Idaho.

BJC Newspaper clippings

Newspaper clippings from early decades of Boise Junior College. These clippings were put together into a scrapbook by the Boise Junior College President's office. Most clippings originate from either the Idaho Statesman or the Boise Capital news.

Blanche Kunz Collection on William E. Borah

This collection consists of a scrapbook and a magazine collected by Blanche Kunz, of Arbon, Idaho. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings on the final illness, death, and funeral of U.S. Senator William E. Borah in 1940 as well as a few later clippings relating to Borah. Additionally it features a 1940 letter to Kunz from Senator Kenneth S. Mackenzie of Idaho Falls about the poem he wrote entitled “The Bier of Senator Borah.”

Boise Development

Reports, brochures, advertisements and other resources that promote, or plan for, growth in the city of Boise, Idaho. These documents mostly originated from public departments within the city of Boise, but some were authored by local and national consultants.

Business and Professional Women's Club

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, programs, and other memorabilia, documenting activities of the Meridian, Idaho, club, the Idaho State Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW), and events in Meridian, Idaho between the years 1928 to 1930.


Listing of academic majors with lists of required courses to complete a degree in that field. The Catalog also includes summaries of departments with overviews of the organization.

Catholic Women's League

This scrapbook, compiled between the years of 1911 and 1947, focus on the membership and activities of the Catholic Women's League of Boise, Idaho.

Cecil D. Andrus

Photographs from the Cecil D. Andrus Papers (MSS 140) which span his personal and professional life, including his two terms as Governor of Idaho and his term as Secretary of the Interior under President Carter.

Church Women United

The Church Women United Scrapbook, then known as the Boise Inter-Church Council, covers the organization's activities between 1941-1981. Highlights of this scrapbook include a history of the Council, the various community service projects the group organized, and the various ways the Church Women aided European Refugees after World War II.

Claudio Beagarie photographs of California Farm Workers

From 1965 to 1967, photographer Claudio Beagarie documented through photos the farm workers' struggle for economic justice and civil rights in California. A union activist with a commitment to progressive causes, Beagarie captured images of farm workers in their homes, in the fields, and marching with Cesar Chavez, cofounder of the United Farm Workers of America and the best-known leader of the movement.

Commencement Programs

Annual and seasonal commencement program for graduating students of Boise State University.

Curriculum Change Requests

Boise State University curriculum change request archive. Generated and produced by the office of the Registrar, these forms document changes to academic curriculum.

Doc Roach Fire Collection

Selected photographs from the William Francis Doc Roach Collection. Roach worked for the Boise Fire Department from 1911 to 1965 as a fireman, dispatcher, fire prevention captain, and fire marshal. Roach collected more than 400 photos documenting fires, fire equipment, and firefighters in Boise. Dated mostly from the 1940s and 1950s, many of the photographs depict buildings and street scenes in Boise.

Earl Wayland Bowman

Earl Wayland Bowman, "the Ramblin' Kid," promoter of Idaho and author of popular stories and novels of the American West, includes two scrapbooks of his work.

Edward F. Rhodenbaugh

Items that represent the life and work of a Geology and Science educator from Idaho. The Edward Rhodenbaugh collection contains many photos of scenic Idaho, lantern slides with teaching aids, journals about field trips to geological sites in Idaho and Oregon, and correspondence and manuscripts relating to geology and education.

Em-Kayan Magazine

News and updates on heavy construction and engineering projects by Morrison Knudsen Construction company. Published monthly, the Em Kayan reported on the progress of big jobs happening around the world. It also included a memo from the MK president, an aggregate section which mentioned personal accomplishments of various employees like marriages, births, and promotions. The purpose of the Em Kayan was two fold: to promote the work of Morrison Knudsen, and keep its employees connected as they sometimes worked in remote locations. Volume 1, Issue 1 was published in March 1942. This digital collection includes all issues up to December 1995.

Episcopal Diocese of Idaho Records

Records of the Episcopal Church. Diocese of Idaho, including that of bishops, committees, and other diocesan officers and organizations; together with convocation and convention journals, clergy files, property records, financial records, confirmation lists, parish registers, publications, photos, and other records.

Ethel O'Connor Sales

Scrapbook of clippings from Boise newspapers chiefly about the Ethel Sales Dance Band and Mrs. Sales’ work as organist at the Egyptian Theater in Boise.

Facts and Figures

Ready reference information about Boise State University including enrollment numbers and employment data.

Focus on Boise State University

“FOCUS on Boise State” formerly FOCUS, the university’s alumni magazine, includes news about Boise State’s programs, events and people, as well as in-depth features that explore a broad range of issues and ideas. Traditionally published three times a year, this award-winning publication is mailed to 54,000 alumni and university friends and also distributed on campus and locally.

Frank and Bethine Church

The entire photograph collection of Frank and Bethine Church, spanning their young adult years in Boise, Idaho, 1940-1943, the early political career of Frank as Idaho Legislature, 1952-1956, and U.S. Senator, 1958-1980, and Bethine's involvement in social and environmental issue in the 1990s to 2010. The majority of the photographs document the many campaigns, political events in Washington D.C. and around the world, and daily work as a U.S. Senator. Church's involvement in foreign relations is well documented in photographs, as well as his work with other various Senate committees.

Gertrude B. Hein

Scrapbook compiled by Gertrude B. (Downey) Hein, consisting of letters, typescript poems, and newspaper columns, all written by Hein's sister, Belle Angstadt, of Priest River and Coolin, Idaho.

Gracie Pfost

Gracie Bowers Pfost's entire collection of materials relating to her service as an Idaho Democratic congressional representative from 1952 to 1962.

Historic Boise State

Boise State University’s rich history is documented in the thousands of photographs, slides, and negatives that comprise the University Archives photo collection. From as far back as the school's opening day as Boise Junior College on September 6, 1932, photographers have captured on film the buildings, people, events, and academic endeavors that have made Boise State University such an important part of the city of Boise and state of Idaho. Historic Boise State presents several hundred images that document the university’s history. Most come from the print collection in the Archives and are concentrated in the decades from the 1930s to 2000s.

HR Newsletter

Periodic publication of the Office of Human Resources covering topics relating to employment at Boise State University.

Idaho Basque Arborglyph Database

Basque sheepherders created these tree carvings, called arborglyphs, while working in remote areas throughout Idaho during the twentieth century. Loneliness and the need for communication moved the herders to leave their mark on the world around them. Usually written in Basque or Spanish, these arborglyphs record herders’ names, thoughts, and drawings and often represent the only historical data about sheepherders. Herders carved almost exclusively on aspens. As the trees grew, they healed themselves and black scars formed visible designs. On average aspens live less than 100 years; consequently, most of the oldest arborglyphs have already been lost. The threats of decay, fire, and vandalism accelerate the need for arborglyphs to be documented. The tree carving tradition began with the Basques and continues today by herders from Central and South America, most often from Peru and Chile. - Written by Audra Hoyt.

Idaho Wilderness

The Idaho Wilderness collection commemorates the 50th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Wilderness Act with primary source material documenting the political issues surrounding the management of public lands in Idaho.

International Student Services

Periodic publication of the office of International Student Services including highlights of activities and student involved in international learning.

Ione Love Thielke

During the 1940s and 50s, Ione Love Thielke (pronounced Til-key) was known as the Musical Poem Recorder of Cascade, Idaho. She set poems to music–her own poems and poems of others. She sang them before live audiences and on the radio, and recorded them on discs, using a personal recorder.

Joseph Yolo Scrapbook

Article and photos about an 1926 trip to Craters of the Moon with Robert Limbert

Kathleen (Kitty) Gurnsey

Kathleen W. (Kitty) Gurnsey represented the North and East ends of Boise in the Idaho Legislature House of Representatives for twenty-two years, 1974-1996. Gurnsey is recognized for her commitment to accountable state spending and operations while on the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC). The digital collection includes speeches, correspondence, photographs and clippings.

Len Jordan

Leonard Beck Jordan served as Governor of Idaho from 1951 to 1955 and United States Senator from 1962 to 1973. Jordan was influential in hosting the Western Governors Conference in Boise in 1952. He served on the International Joint Commission under President Eisenhower, and was an important supporter of Idaho Business. This digital collection consists of select photographs of Jordan's career.

Les Bois

Annual yearbook of Boise State University students, 1935 to 1978.

Lilly J. Eichelberger

Scrapbook compiled by Eichelberger, Senator Frank Church’s junior high school English and social studies teacher, chiefly documenting Church’s presidential campaign in 1976, but also containing occasional letters between them. Includes Eichelberger’s response (1939) refuting a letter to the editor claiming that an article on foreign policy published under Frank Church’s name in a Boise newspaper was too sophisticated to have been written by a junior high school student.

Lyle Smith

Correspondence, teaching and coaching material, memorabilia, articles, and photos relating to Smith's participation in high school and college sports in Idaho, his career as football coach at Boise Junior College (1946-1968) and Athletic Director (1969-1980), and his World War II service with the U.S. Navy as a physical training instructor.

Lyman Wilbur Afghanistan Collection

Photographs and diary pages relating to Lyman Wilbur's visits to Afghanistan in 1957 and 1958. Wilbur was a vice president of Morrison Knudsen Co. a civil engineering and heavy construction firm responsible for a multi-million dollar contract to build irrigation infrastructure in the Helmand Valley of Afghanistan. The project included three dams, a canal system, and planned farming community.

Marshall C. Edson

Idaho's Department of Fish and Game conservation officer Marshal Edson's scrapbook of a boat trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in March, 1946. The trip was sponsored by the Idaho department of Fish and Game to count big game.

Nell Shipman

Photos and other images documenting the career of silent film star/producer Nell Shipman, who made many of her motion pictures in Idaho in the 1920s. They date mainly from the latter years of her filmmaking career (1920-1924), but there is a sprinkling of earlier and later images. Particularly well represented by stills are her films The Girl From God's Country (1921) and The Grub-Stake (1923). So too are her years at Priest Lake, Idaho, where she made several short films known collectively as The Little Dramas of the Big Places. No known copy of The Girl From God's Country is known to survive, so the stills are all that are left to document that film.

No On One Coalition

A mixture of newspaper clippings and personal photographs reflecting the events surrounding Proposition One (1992-1994), an anti-homosexual special rights referendum that appeared on the Idaho general election ballot in November 1994. The articles concern the campaigns for and against Proposition 1 and gay rights in general while the personal photographs document Don’t Sign On/No on One’s campaign against Idaho Citizens Alliance (the organization supporting the initiative) and their anti-gay initiative.

North End Neighborhood Association Newspapers

Newsletter for Boise's North End Neighborhood.

Olive Grace (Babe) Call

Diaries of Boise resident, Olive "Babe" Grace Call and her sister-in-law Exie Call. The diaries start in 1911 when Babe was a teenager. She writes about her daily life, friends, chores, church, and other activities of her and her family.

Payette Lakes Progressive Club

In 1947, the Payette Lakes Progressive Club, a women’s organization in McCall, Idaho, solicited Idaho authors for letters in return describing “Who are all of you and what made you into authors and poets? And what has Idaho to do with it?” The project organizer, Mrs. William Reitmeir, described the club as “a handful of women in a community civic club” who were “making an effort to acquaint ourselves with this, our state of Idaho.” Responses from 19 authors were placed in a 72-page scrapbook, most of which was filled with typewritten copies of poems by them (and other Idaho poets) and scenic photographs of the Payette Lakes region.

Pete Cenarrusa

Photos of the career of Idaho Secretary of State Pete Cenarrusa, from 1967 to 2002, the longest-serving public official in Idaho. Photos document various visits to the Basque Country, aviation, and Idaho and national political dignitaries.

Peter Beemer Music Manuscript

Handwritten musical scores recorded in the 1860s by Peter Beemer in the mining camp of Warren, Idaho, of songs and dance music performed by his band and others; with videos of modern performances of several of the pieces.

Robert W. Limbert

Photos by Limbert and photos of Limbert documenting his exploration of little-known regions of Idaho in the 1910s and 20s, notably what is now known as Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, the Bruneau River canyon, and Sawtooth Mountains. The collection also includes images from his taxidermy business, the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, and the early years of Redfish Lake Lodge.

Streaming Media

Full length and preview video streaming of University Archives and Special Collections, including University Television Productions archive, Office of Communications and Marketing, Tom Trusky's video collection, and many others.

Student Handbooks

Typically produced by the Office of Student Affairs with support from ASBSU, the Student Handbook provides guidelines and rules for basic student conduct at Boise State University. The Handbook also provides students with information on involvement and recreation.

University Books

Collection of book-length resources on the history of Boise State University.

University Photographic Services

Contact sheets of photos taken by Boise State University's Photographic Services department. The University Archives holds contact sheets and negatives for the collection from 1974 to 2003.

W. H. Chapman Diary

Diary kept by William (W. H.) Chapman chronicling his daily life and work on McConnell’s Ranch near Horseshoe Bend, Idaho during 1866; his overland journey on horseback back to the Midwest; and social life and work in Jackson, Michigan, and Elgin, Illinois, with family and friends on his return.

Western Writers Series Digital Editions

Out-of-print booklets of biography and criticism on the American literary west from Boise State University's Western Writers Series.

William E. Borah

Two collections relating to the life and career of U.S. Senator William E. Borah of Idaho: The William E. Borah Papers consist primarily of his published speeches. There is a letter to Franklin Roosevelt and correspondence with Walter White. Also included are photographs, campaign notebooks, and other items related to his Senatorial career. View the finding aid online. C.P. Connolly Correspondence with William E. Borah and Albert E. Horsley (Harry Orchard) consist of 36 letters (1907-1930) to Christopher Powell Connolly (1863-1935) from Borah and 4 letters (1908-1920) to Connolly from Albert E. Horsley (Harry Orchard), convicted assassin of Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg. C.P. Connolly was a Journalist, mainly with Collier’s Weekly; known as one of the muckrakers.