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Intercollegiate Knights

Intercollegiate Knights

1950, The Intercollegiate Knights

The Intercollegiate Knights pose for a group photo with their new club jackets in 1950.

The Intercollegiate Knights were an international fraternity at Boise Junior College/Boise State from 1936 until 1995. Their motto was: Service, Sacrifice, and Loyalty. The fraternity focused on establishing and improving campus standards, and worked with other Greek groups on events and fundraising.

Activities were:

  • Print Student Directories
  • The Fire place behind the SUB
  • Homecoming Floats
  • Golden Plume Ball
  • Annual Toilet Bowl (Homecoming)
  • Bonfires
  • Burning and painting the B white on Table Rock
  • Easter Seal 24 hour Dance-a-thon

The Intercollegiate Knights became Kappa Sigma in 1969.

Sources: Les Bois Yearbooks



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