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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees was a Boise Junior College governing body that operated from 1937 to 1969. The Board was in charge of distributing funds and assuring that the school was following guidelines determined by the State Board of Education. … (Read More) Board of Trustees

School Songs

The Boise State song, “Les Bois,” was originally written by James L. Strachan and Grace Watson circa 1940, with additional verses added later by Helen Moore. Les Bois Bonneville looked at the sun on the forest, Watched the dark valley … (Read More) School Songs

Fight Song

The original Boise State fight song, “Orange and Blue, ” was written by student Eldred Renk in 1940 when the school was Boise Junior College: Orange and Blue (original) Hold that line for Boise Junior College, Broncos, we’re counting hard … (Read More) Fight Song


The Valkyries first organized on campus circa 1934 and were active until 1981. The sorority was dedicated to cooperation and friendliness among students, campus, and community through service. Members were chosen based on scholarships and participation in activities. Activities were: … (Read More) Valkyries

Forensic Club

1939-1941 The Forensic Club explored debate and parliamentary procedures. During World War II, the club held regular meetings discussing the future of war, debating each side of the question. During its existence, the club discussed many topical issues and held … (Read More) Forensic Club

Glee Club

1933-1939 The Glee Club was directed by the music teacher Mrs. Lucille Tavey Forter, and was open to all students interested in singing. Activities: Christmas candlelight service at St. Michael’s Cathedral Singing at assemblies (Read More) Glee Club

Intercollegiate Knights

The Intercollegiate Knights were an international fraternity at Boise Junior College/Boise State from 1936 until 1995. Their motto was: Service, Sacrifice, and Loyalty. The fraternity focused on establishing and improving campus standards, and worked with other Greek groups on events … (Read More) Intercollegiate Knights

B-Cube Club

B-Cube Club 1937-1959 The B-Cube Club was an organization of freshman women. Their motto was “Boost Broncos, Boost B.J.C., and Boost Freshmen.” Their purpose was to bring pep and enthusiasm to the campus, especially at athletic events. Activities: Football Banquet … (Read More) B-Cube Club

Dean of Men

Beginning in 1935, the Dean of Men was a position that was responsible for the general welfare of all male students. In support of the Vice President of Student Affairs, position duties included counseling students, serving as a professional resource, advising … (Read More) Dean of Men

St. Margaret’s School for Girls

St. Margaret’s School for Girls opened in 1892 in downtown Boise at 1st and Idaho Streets. The school housed local girls from secondary school to high school, but also served as a day school for nursery and kindergarten aged boys … (Read More) St. Margaret’s School for Girls