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Vietnam MBA Program

In 1994, Boise State University formed a partnership with the National Economics University in Vietnam hoping for the school to begin its own market-oriented MBA program. To accomplish this, Boise State exported some of its College of Business faculty members … (Read More) Vietnam MBA Program

Nippon (Japan) Club

1990-1994 Nippon club provided a cultural and language exchange, and helped enhance Japanese/American relations. (Read More) Nippon (Japan) Club

Students for Central America

1991-1992 The purpose of Students for Central America was to educate and get students involved in issues concerning Central America and American policies in that region. (Read More) Students for Central America

Asian American Association

1992-1998 The Asian American Association promoted an atmosphere for productive interaction between American Students and Asian students. They helped developed a better understanding and appreciation of the oriental culture and language, giving students a chance to ask each other questions … (Read More) Asian American Association