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Falk House

Falk House was rented to BJC by the Falks, a local merchant couple, in 1956. For the following four years, the Falk family continued to use the house as a summer home while 25 women lived there during the school … (Read More) Falk House

Alpha Mu Omega

Alpha Mu Omega was an all-school drama club, established in 1945 “to foster dramatics, speech, and expression on the campus” by organizing and supporting theatrical plays. There is no mention of Alpha Mu Omega in the Les Bois yearbooks after … (Read More) Alpha Mu Omega

Delta Psi Omega

Delta Psi Omega was a national honorary dramatic society at Boise State from 1946 until 1965. Students became eligible for membership by earning points through participation in theatrical productions or related campus activities.  (See also Alpha Mu Omega) Activities were: … (Read More) Delta Psi Omega

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa was active at Boise Junior College/Boise College from 1947 to 1967. It was a co-ed fraternity comprised of the top 10% of the student body. The society was limited to students with a grade point average of … (Read More) Phi Theta Kappa

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon has been a social fraternity where members strive to make lasting friends on the Boise State campus since 1969.  Their current mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. Past activities … (Read More) Tau Kappa Epsilon

Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi was founded on April 28, 2012. The fraternity has three core values: friendship, justice, and learning. They strive to promote the college experience through mentor programs, building character, and positive relationship skills. Current activities are: Derby Days Dance … (Read More) Sigma Chi

Lambda Theta Phi

Lambda Theta Phi established a chapter at Boise State University on May 4, 2016. They are a Latino based fraternity focusing on academic excellence, brotherhood, leadership, Latino unity, and service. Their motto is “Chivalry Above Self.” Their national philanthropy is … (Read More) Lambda Theta Phi

Pi Sigma Sigma

Pi Sigma Sigma was organized the spring of 1949 and existed until 1968. The fraternity’s main purpose was to permit more male students to take an active part in organized activities of the school. Activities were: Concessions at Football and … (Read More) Pi Sigma Sigma

Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma was formed by the Intercollegiate Knights in the spring of 1969. Between 1969-1978 members of the fraternity played an active role on campus as directors of student program boards, senators of several schools, and chairing committees. The current … (Read More) Kappa Sigma

Pi Kappa Phi

2013-2020 Pi Kappa Phi was established during the fall of 2013. The fraternity’s mission is to create lifelong brotherhood that fosters leadership and encourages service. Current activities are: PUSH Week War of the Roses Kegs 4 Kauce: The Ability Experience … (Read More) Pi Kappa Phi