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Raft Race

The annual Raft Race was the final major event of Greek Week at Boise State starting in the early 1960s and ending in early 1980s. To participate, an individual or group had to be part of a campus club. Competitive … (Read More) Raft Race

Games Association

1986-1988 Games Association promoted friendly and competitive game activity on the Boise State campus. (Read More) Games Association

Bridge Club

1988-1989 Bridge Club provided an opportunity for Boise State students, faculty, staff, and alumni to play bridge. They introduced students to the game of bridge and encouraged participation in events sponsored by the North American Contract Bridge League. (Read More) Bridge Club

Gamemasters Guild of BSU

1988-1991 Gamemasters Guild of Boise State sought to promote game-playing in the community. “Game-playing” referred to games which promoted social interaction and role-playing in a factual or fictional setting. (Read More) Gamemasters Guild of BSU

Roleplaying and Boardgaming Games

1992-1998 The purpose of Roleplaying and Boardgaming Games was to provide an alternate form of recreation by interactive gaming, such as board and roleplaying games for Boise State and the Boise State community. (Read More) Roleplaying and Boardgaming Games