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New Life

1990-1991 The purposes of New Life were to meet for Christian fellowship, and to study the Bible and to share with one another questions and ideas about Christ. New Life welcomed all those who were searching for a personal relationship … (Read More) New Life

Phlox of BSU

1986-1988 Phlox of Boise State’s main goal was to stimulate a wide-researching witness of Jesus Christ. (Read More) Phlox of BSU

United Methodist Student Movement

1986-1996 United Methodist Student Movement’s main goal was to stimulate a Christian witness, provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, encourage an analysis of values and ethical beliefs, and to work with other Christian campus ministries. (Read More) United Methodist Student Movement


1988-1995 The Frontline group encouraged spiritual growth, established and promoted Biblical foundations in the lives of Boise State students. They emphasized a personal relationship with Jesus, Biblical instruction, and Christian Fellowship. (Read More) Frontliners

Chi Alpha Pentecostal Movement

1988-1995 Chi Alpha Pentecostal Movement’s main goal was to be Christ’s ambassadors on campus. They provided Christian friendship, emphasized the dynamic spirit-filled life and worship, encouraged acts of charity, and evangelized Boise State with “the full gospel message.” (Read More) Chi Alpha Pentecostal Movement

St. Paul’s Catholic Student Group

1970-1991 St. Paul’s Catholic Student Group provided spiritual and educational opportunities for Roman Catholics students at Boise State. They also hosted social activities for the students. (Read More) St. Paul’s Catholic Student Group

Young Life 101 Club

1990-1997 Young Life 101’s purpose was to search out, train, place, and encourage new leaders for the Young Life Ministry. (Read More) Young Life 101 Club

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

1990-1994 Fellowship of Christian Athletes presented to athletes and coaches, all and whom they influenced, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ, to serve Jesus Christ in their relationships, and in the fellowship of the church. (Read More) Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Vineyard Christian Fellowship College Group

1996-1998 Vineyard Christian Fellowship College Group helped students establish themselves in the foundations of the Christian life in order to impart a vision for reaching their peers, community, and world with the gospel of Christ. (Read More) Vineyard Christian Fellowship College Group

Advent House

1994-1995 The purpose of Advent House was to be the outreach between Boise State and the City of Boise, to grow together in Christ through Bible study and social activities. (Read More) Advent House