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Alpha Kappa Psi

1969-present Alpha Kappa Psi (Theta Omicron) is a co-ed fraternity based on professional business goals and works towards furthering its members by fostering scientific research in commerce, accounts, finance and economics, and developing business leaders in the community. Activities: Taking surveys … (Read More) Alpha Kappa Psi

International Association of Business Communicators

1985-1986 International Association of Business Communicators fostered interaction between the student chapter and professionals. Written by: Annika Severts, spring 2018 intern (Read More) International Association of Business Communicators

Students for Quality Child Care

1978-1997 Students for Quality Child Care promoted an interest in and to expand the opportunities for quality child care. (Read More) Students for Quality Child Care

Biology Association of Graduates

1988-1992 Biology Association of Graduates provided information input and output, built an equipment base, and helped sponsor graduate research in biology. (Read More) Biology Association of Graduates

New Life

1990-1991 The purposes of New Life were to meet for Christian fellowship, and to study the Bible and to share with one another questions and ideas about Christ. New Life welcomed all those who were searching for a personal relationship … (Read More) New Life

World Student Service Corps

1988-1991 World Student Service Corps promoted and recruited volunteers for WSSC’s annual overseas service project as well as service oriented projects within the community and state. They also provide a network and social environment for students to help solve problems … (Read More) World Student Service Corps

Trap Team

1977-1983 Trap Team organized and improved members’ shooting ability and the promotion of gun safety. (Read More) Trap Team

Shooting Team

1980-1982 The objective of the Boise State Shooting Team was to provide an opportunity for students to learn and become involved in the skills and art of trap and skeet shooting, rifle shooting, and handgun shooting. They also represented Boise … (Read More) Shooting Team

Students for Currie

1986-1987 Students for Currie served as liaison between students of Boise State and Bill Currie, Democratic candidate for the First Congressional District. (Read More) Students for Currie

Phlox of BSU

1986-1988 Phlox of Boise State’s main goal was to stimulate a wide-researching witness of Jesus Christ. (Read More) Phlox of BSU