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Falk House

Falk House was rented to BJC by the Falks, a local merchant couple, in 1956. For the following four years, the Falk family continued to use the house as a summer home while 25 women lived there during the school … (Read More) Falk House

Marian Hall

Marian Hall was a women’s residence hall that Boise College students shared with St. Alphonsus nursing students. Boise College students lived in Marian Hall beginning from fall of 1968 to spring of 1970, before the building was scheduled for demolition … (Read More) Marian Hall

Miss Boise College

Miss Boise College, held between 1964 and the mid-1970s, was a beauty pageant for students. The event was sponsored by the Golden Z’s and the Inter-Collegiate Knights, two service organizations on campus. The winner would earn a scholarship of $250 … (Read More) Miss Boise College

Campus Greens

1991-1996 The purpose of the Campus Greens was to better understand and promote the following key Green Values. The Campus Greens held ten key values as the basis for organization and action: Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Grassroots Democracy, Decentralization, … (Read More) Campus Greens

B-Cube Club

B-Cube Club 1937-1959 The B-Cube Club was an organization of freshman women. Their motto was “Boost Broncos, Boost B.J.C., and Boost Freshmen.” Their purpose was to bring pep and enthusiasm to the campus, especially at athletic events. Activities: Football Banquet … (Read More) B-Cube Club

Minute Maids

1943-1967 The Minute Maids were female students whose main goals were to sell war bonds and stamps during World War II. The girls wore uniforms of a dark dress with a collar and blue halo, and a blue and orange … (Read More) Minute Maids

Dean of Women

A staff position from 1935 to 1973, the Dean of Women was responsible for the general welfare of all female students. Her responsibilities were individual and group counseling in the general areas of personal, social, and educational problems. She served … (Read More) Dean of Women

Women Making History/Herstory Honorees

As part of Women’s History Month, the Women’s Center (now Gender Equity Center) nominated and selected women for their admirable work in Idaho communities. From 2001-2011, they published biographies about the honorees. (Read More) Women Making History/Herstory Honorees