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Digital Archives

We collect and curate digital content from Boise State University departments, faculty, and students. This includes permanent records mandated by the Idaho State Board of Education, documents and resources with historical value, and electronic media like sound and visual files.


computer cataloging,  1980

How to access the digital archives

The majority of the digital archives are open to the public and the university community for research. While we are working on better access points to this information, there are currently two methods for accessing this information and content:

Digital Collections: curated and organized sets of assets with descriptions and identifiers, available to search and discover online. Browse our list of digital collections, we have about 20 University Archives digital collections, and many more from manuscripts and special collections.

University Electronic Records (UER) is the blanket term for any digital archives files not available online, and with varying degrees of description. We will run a general UER Report semi-annually that describes the volume of UER. Using this report, researchers can request access to files or folders within the UER holdings.

UER Reports

University Electronic Records Report 2017 Fall

Donating your electronic records

Are you affiliated with Boise State University and have electronic records that might have historical value? Please contact us about donating copies to University Archives. We can help you with administrative questions of confidentiality, ownership, or copyright. We have several methods of transferring files and we can facilitate a transfer with little effort on your end. Your donation does not need to be organized or well-described.