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The Boise State Story

Historical timelines

Welcome to the Boise State Story, a timeline of people, events, activities, and buildings that shaped the history of our University.

Milestones : an overview of important events in Boise State history
Student Life  : a snapshot on student activities and campus living
Buildings : an overview of the campus’s development; also see Albertsons Library and Student Union Building
Technology : a fun look at the impact of technology on classes, student life, and across campus
Athletics : a snapshot of women’s and men’s athletics and club sports
Lyle Smith : a biography about our iconic football coach
College of Engineering : celebrating COEN’s 20th anniversary in 2017
Alumni Association : celebrating the Alumni Association’s 50th anniversary in 2017
Honors College : celebrating the Honors College’s 50th anniversary in 2019


Information gathered for each timeline primarily came from Eugene Chaffee’s Boise College: An Idea Grows (1970), Glen Barrett’s Boise State University: Searching for Excellence, 1932-1984 (1984), and Pat Ourada’s The Broncos: A History of Boise State University Athletics, 1932-1994 (1994). Intern Brandon Woodard conducted the initial research and concept.

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